Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 15 Update

How far along? 15 weeks

How big is baby? an orange 4inches, 2.5oz

Weight gain/loss?
About the same..I was down about a pound and will let you know on the 8th

Maternity clothes?
Definitely at least sporting maternity bottoms or the bella band with some of my looser fitting shirts or my smaller maternity shirts

Stretchies? No new ones..I am starting to the see ones on my lower stomach that I didn't really know I had until I have Ava haha but I will buy some lotion to at least TRY and keep them to a minimal

Finally getting it since Ava is sleeping through the night like a champ...until she has those mornings where she wakes up before 5 and I make her cry ugh

Best moment this week? Just making it through another week

Movement? Little flutters...

Food cravings?
haha anything that I can keep down at this point

Food adversions/foods that make me sick?
It could be water that throws me into a bad 12 hours spell

I'm feeling boy...but this probably is because all the women on my mom's side (G Grandma, Grandma, Aunt, Mom, even some cousins) have all done girl, boy, girl, boy and so on...so I am convinced this will happen and the baby psychic said so haha

Labor signs?
Same thank goodness

Belly button in or out?
Same Innie

What I miss?
I'm going with feeling normal and not being sick

What I am looking forward to?
Family and Friends coming into town

Hitting another week

New things this week?
People are staring and asking now

hmm randoms I have too much crap in my house and want to get energy to get rid of it

Weekly Wisdom?
I haven't gotten any honestly! It's funny

Freakout Moment?

Mr. B had to go out of town the last two days before house guests arrived and I felt bad all the days and it was tough getting things cleaned and ready for them while taking care of Ava when I was sick and tired at the end of the night

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