Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Update Week 28

Allison will be in red

How far along? 28 weeks ... 7 months....3rd Trimester weeeeeeeeeee

How big is baby? over 15 inches (head to feet) and probably over two pounds

Weight gain/loss? I see the doc tomorrow and that's what I'm going by but I'm guessing about 25-30lbs. I think it will depend on if I have poly which I think we'll be able to truly figure out at this u/s...I think I do though ugh so it is confirmed...I'm a fatass. Total gain...29lbs folks!!!! Honestly I don't understand it. I eat fairly healthy (only indulging here and there), don't overeat, and drink tons of water. For my weight before I should only gain 5 more lbs and I highly doubt that will happen. Boo

Maternity clothes? exclusively

Stretchies? The boobs are there for life haha...and I can see the lower stomach ones a tiny bit but so far so good....still just the boobs...knock on wood

Sleep? I have been battling this sinus infection (hope that's what it is) for 2 weeks matter how much I blow my nose it's still stuffed up so I tend to wake up a lot from that. great until I have to pee which is now about 5 times a night and then my constant fear on not being on my left side enough

Best moment this week? I will say it will be tomorrow seeing my lil or big girl....Hearing my boo's heartbeat at the docs

Movement? Same as her big sister....all the time. It's comical to even do fetal kick counts because she gets 10 in within 5 minutes haha

Food cravings? I would love some food from back home but otherwise nothing special...nothing really

Food aversions/foods that make me sick? none...none whoot

Gender? Another Girl!!! Girl!!!

Labor signs? Braxton Hicks...Braxton Hicks but last night I was awoken with what felt like the worst cramps ever but more so on the right lasted about 1.5 minutes and I was able to fall back kind of freaked me out though!

Birth Prep? Nothing honestly...I doubt my doc will let me schedule my section this soon but I'm going to ask her when I can. I really would like to not tell anyone and I mean nobody other than Mr. B of course. I think that would be special since everyone knows we're having a girl and knows the name and knows I'm having a RCS and so where is the fun guessing?! That way we can go in calmly without having 50 bajillion people texting and calling and enjoy her in peace and later that day I'll announce on FB and ask that we have no visitors that day since they'll be checking on us so much and they can come the next day. I'm also going to ask my doc if I can only stay two nights and not three. nothing this week...I'm exhausted

Belly button in or out? Oh totally out this go round...It’s out all the way some days and some it's halvsies

What I miss? Having energy and not hurting. Especially by the end of the work day and playing with Ava and cooking and getting her ready for bed I'm exhausted by 8 and my body hurts a lot...sleep and having a normal back

What I am looking forward to next week? Next week...hmm I've secured a babysitter to watch Ava next Saturday while we paint...haha I'm actually going to try and do one coat one night while Mr. B is out so that it has time to dry and tape off so he can immediately do the ceiling and then I can do the next coat which he can help me with and if I don't get to doing the trim no biggie I can always do that one night while Ava sleeps. But we need to get the room painted next week so the following weekend I can shampoo the carpets...I think I'll have to do Allison's room twice and the hallway twice for sure....It’s my last week in the 20s! Then it’s really in the home stretch!

Milestones? Same as Ava! 85-90% viability!! 3rd Trimester!

New things this week? Yikes! Apparently from this week on, baby gains 1/2 a pound a week.

Weekly Wisdom? Nothing...seriously am I that mean or that relaxed and people think I do such a great job with Ava that they don't feel the need to give advice??? haha relax when you need to...I need to take this to heart because my f'n feet are killing me and I have them propped up right now

Belly/Body Changes? My belly is crazy big but that's what's tipping me off for sure that I probably do have poly. No swelling which is great. But my hips and sciatic hurt much more this time, and the breathing is harder sooner than last time ....Bigger everyday...oy vey....and my back is starting to fill out a lot

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