Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm back

Via my cell phone. It's too hard at work and at this point I'm exhausted when I get home. I feel bad that my weeks have been neglected for Allison but trust me her room and stuff hasn't been.

I swear this child has no room and she's making movements that are strange that I never had with Ava.

Tuesday I go in for my 35 week since we rescheduled and I went at 33 weeks instead of 32. I also will have another ultrasound because even though my fluid went down a little it's still high. And judging from my stomach either I'll still have high flyid or Allison went on a growing spree. She was 3lbs 14oz at 32 weeks so basically 4lbs. The note said she waa measuring behond but when I looked she was on point. But now it will be interesting to see what she's weighong in at.

This weekend we're putting up wall decals and I just ordered my belly casting kit. Last time I did it at 36 weeks with Ava so hopefully Allison stays in until then!

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