Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

So Mr. B took the girls to Walmart to pick out a few things they wanted me to have. 

I love love love that he did this. It will be a wonderful tradition going forward. 

And A really thought of things like how I love soft blankets, an how I love my bubba cup. 

The girls smelled all of the scents tey got me and A 2.0 picked out the pillow. 

Mr. b said he had to go into the card aisle alone and when he came out A had a dozen rozes in her hand haha

And because a bus boy stole my sunglasses at breakfast the day before Mr. B got me an extra gift. Costas!!!!

I also got a new engagement ring since my other kept messing up so my original Mother's Day/Anniverary gift was the band that comes in tomorrow!  I can't wait. 

Here are the pictures

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