Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Ring

So when I got married I had my gradmothers original ring. While not big it meant a lot to me. 

But as time went on my family showed their true colors over and over again (I had forgiven them too many times before) and then one huge blowout where they were so incredibely wrong and mean left me with such a bitter taste in my mouth that I never wanted to look at it again. 

And I haven't. 

I asked for a simple cheap diamond band in 2010 and wore it until 2013 which was our 5 year anniversary. 

I then got this ring..

And I loved it. But micro pavé apparently doesn't work for me. 

When they adjusted the size down and I got it back a diamond was already missing. Fixed it and two weeks later a different one was missing. 

Two months later another. 

They gave me a whole new ring. And for about 8 months it was ok until a prong broke. Normally a broken prong is on the buyer but with my issues they fixed it for free. 

Then two weeks later another diamond fell out. 

So we made the decision to just return and spend more. 

And I found an entirely different ring but one I really love. The bands were super expensive at the jeweler so I'm having another jeweler custom make me two bands to match and should get them in a little over a week. 

I seriously can't wait!  It's been a long month waiting for this beauty!

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