Friday, May 20, 2011

The Baby Psychic Reading

Ok so I finally got my reading back from Cheri22 and here is what she said...

Ava Grace born on 11/4/2010
When it comes to your daughter they show her as someone who is always on task. Will always able to remain right where you need her. (This is totally my personality right here) I am seeing you both having similar ideas, and often enjoying to do things together that pique your interest.

Shes someone who is very mellow easy to get along with and is more than happy to just go along with the flow. (This was proven this past weekend where she sat and people watched for hours while everyone said "What a good baby") I do see her holding back a bit around new people and people that she does not know that well. A bit more quiet than she normally would be and would tend to not really offer much information about herself. (Already this is true. With Mr. B and I she talks a ton and she will around folks but it takes time..otherwise she's happy to sit and watch and smile) She does overall tends to be a bit more of a private person anyways so not really wanting to get involved in things like that.

When it comes to your daughter, she loves things that are requiring focus and attention. They show her loving gymnastics and being really good on the balance beam. (I am excited about this)
Shes always very much a girly girl and loves to interact with anything that really allows her "inner beauty queen" to come out. Always asking to play in your makeup, always wanting to wear tons of jewelry, always asking to have dress up clothes, barbies, dolls..etc. She can often convince her brothers to play tea party as long as she allows them to be dragons. (This will be interesting haha)

When it comes to career paths, they show her linked as a makeup artist. (I will be really interested to see if this happens)

When it comes to marriage I am seeing her closer to 26. They will have one girl and one boy of their own.

BOY - JUNE so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in
When it comes to your son, things for him is always about "seeing is believing" he would much rather see everything with his own two eyes rather than someone just trying to explain something to him. Hes polite and friendly, very attractive at any age, and someone who is very confident in who he is as a person. Always wanting to be able to have the chance to learn and gets frustrated when someone wont allow him that opportunity. You will find that someone will think that they are doing your son a favor by trying to explain something to him, giving him as much detail as they possibly can, and trust me your son totally gets it, but he wants to see it for himself. Always wondering how the world works and would rather see it for himself.

He loves soccer, both to watch and to play and is often one of the faster kids on his team. Hes not always the best at scoring, but he has fun and he tries his best.

Hes always good with pushing for things to be done. Can be someone who is very much the type to lead people to the right direction, giving them the motivation to continue forward. always full of ideas, so if your ever stuck on something just give him the information and he can usually be fairly creative and provide you with the information you need to continue to move forward.

When it comes to career paths, they show your son linked to working in a sales field. being able to travel a bit with meeting with current clients. I get the impression that this is a "service" that they provide rather than him selling a product. (He would be a lot like Mr. B in that respect)

When it comes to marriage I am seeing him closer to 25. They will have one girl and one boy of their own.

BOY - August so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in
When it comes to your son, hes someone who is always going to be very physical. Always having a bit more of a stocky body style and always really interested in playing sports that are a bit more physical. Likes things like rugby, and football.. things that allow a bit more contact and more of a physical play.

Hes a bit more on the quiet side. Not really interested in sharing his feelings. He will tell you what he is thinking or how he is feeling based on trying to be very good with just stating the facts and always thinks that its obvious to everyone. You will find in school is often the one that really does not like it. Hes always going to be social but does not want to be stuck learning things that he finds to be useless. Sometimes just needs that gentle little push in finding things that make him excited about it. In high school is able to join the various teams (including wrestling) and to be able to remain on the team, he has to have good grades.

He loves anything that is linked to science and discovery and will always be interested in things like that when he is younger. You will find that he is always very observant, always getting right down to the ground to take a look at a grasshopper that someone just found.. or perhaps a worm.. Hes always good about just leaving things where he sees them rather than picking them up and moving them. When it comes to career paths, they show him working in law. I do see him having to goto court, and is usually defending someone. (Everything even sports sounds just like Mr. Ava must be like me, and the "third child" will be like Mr. B...I guess the "2nd child" will be a mix)

When it comes to marriage I am seeing him closer to 28. They will have one girl and one boy fo their own.

Very interesting!!!

So what's crazy is that potentially (and of course this is all in believing this stuff however her results are pretty spot on for the most part) I could potentially get pregnant the rest of this month and find out next month, or get pregnant next month, or it could be August, or for a June birth September, or for an August birth November...which is when for sure we said we'd probably really start trying.

I didn't ask her if the sequence was a for sure as far as if the June one came first or she just saw a June and she thinks its the next one but could be number 3.

I'm also interested to see if it will be two boys because in my family all the women go girl, boy, girl, boy etc.

Only the men have boys first.

None the less this is pretty cool and I wish I would've paid the extra few bucks to get the whole family stuff done.

oh well

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