Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here we go...

Ok so work has been watching Internet usage mainly for bandwidth purposes so I can't update as much and I'm not attempting on my phone.

I'm really hoping as I get organized at home I can hop on with my touchpad at night and do some updating.

But things are going well. I do get tired very easily and my aches sooo much more than with Ava. Of course racing after her and then having done this not too long ago I'm sure that's why.

Ava is blossoming so much! The other night she took 2-3 steps to me and has been doing that a lot more. She can go from sitting down to standing up with no help at all and loves to stand and freeze as we call it where she stands like a big girl with nothing and looks at you smiling while the rest of her body is frozen haha...any day she'll be running around.
She loves to get in the cuburds in the kitchen (only the safe ones are open) but I'm rearranging this weekend. I'm also cleaning out room this weekend as well and taking all my Christmas decorations down.

She did so great Christmas morning. We walked in and her face was glad we caught that on camera. The entire week folks at work had been getting her things and each night I would let her open them so she could practice. She really had no interest in tearing open the gifts but always ooohed and ahhhed when she could see what they were.

She is signing more, please, and thank you like a champ and her I Love You is waving goodbye because she can't figure out her fingers yet which is fine.

We're doing milk in her sippy at home on the weekends and next week I'm transitioning her to full on sippy instead of bottle unless absolutely necessary. She's also still nursing in the morning and going back down so I will be weaning her of that too.

She had been waking up at 345am for some damn reason the past couple of nights and no matter how many times Mr. B wanted me to get her I wouldn't unless it was 5 or later (and 5 was pushing it). She would cry for an hour straight...and nothing was hurting her either.

But last night she slept until 530a again so we were happy. That's going to suck the first few weeks of Ali being here but hopefully with us not having to get up and get ready Ava will slowly start to sleep later.

Her new thing is crossing her legs/feet when in her new convertible car seat, reading, playing, chilling....haha I love it so much!

I have finished Ava's 1st year book except putting in her stats which I am hoping to do this weekend.

We have so much to do in the guest room which will be Ali's room. We still have to get the bed to BIL and I really hope that's soon..
I have to clean out the closet which I started to do but more things need to be thrown away.

Once I do that then I can put the two night stands that are more like mini bookshelves in the closet for some extra shelving.

Then we have to patch a lot of holes in that room and then I need to rent a steam cleaner and clean all of our carpeting really well. And I will kill our dog if he pee's one more time. He's going to end up being kenneled at night as well if he can't handle it.

Then I have to order the bedding and match the paint color, paint, order decals, we still have to order the furniture which I'm hoping to do in the next couple of days, then wash all of Ava's old clothes.

Then go through the stuff Ava doesn't need to play with anymore and save it for Ali.

Le Sigh a lot to do even though Mr. B thinks we have all the time in the world.
I just hit 23 weeks.

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