Saturday, January 18, 2014

Potty Trained!

Ok we're officially potty trained over here and I am ecstatic!  

I tried starting with pee in June and A showed no interest at all. Since she was only 2.5 I did not want to push it. 

We went to Texas to visit friends, came home and she told me she wanted too. 

So from then on she went pee. She also napped in her underwear with no accidents. 

We did pull ups at night but I think from August until now she may have peed twice while sleeping. 

Pooping was a whole different story though!  

She did not want any part of that. 

Bribes didn't work, being sweet didn't, being stern didn't, charts didn't etc. 

Her pediatrician at her 3 year check up said it was normal and to make her sit for 5 minutes after every meal. 

About a week and a half ago we went back and forth for 2 hours with she was going to poop her panties but wouldn't go. I had to be stern but she did it. 

Then a couple of days later same thing. But she did it. 

Then the next day no fight she did it. 

Next day two times that day. 
She skipped yesterday but went today. 

We also stopped pull ups last week too at night. 

Now in the morning she wakes up and get's Mr. B and he takes her potty. 

I am sooo happy and thrilled we are over that hump!  

Now just one child in diapers. I have a feeling A 2.0 will be potty trained much faster, but I won't even address it with her until she turns two other than her pretending. 

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