Saturday, December 4, 2010

Been awhile...

So I weighed myself yesterday and I am back at pre-pregnancy weight...that's 41lbs shed with a day to spare on a month!

Then when Mr. B got home (he didn't know about the loss) he goes "you don't even look like you were pregnant just a month ago" That made me feel so good!!!! Then I told him about the weight and he slapped me on the ass and said GREAT not really heh...he did say good job though.

It's funny how much he loves Ava. The other night he came in and we were in the kitchen and he kissed Ava and walked out and then a second later came back in cracking up saying "I totally forgot to tell you hi and kiss you" haha which is great...I'm so happy he's so in love with her but I do have to remind him sometimes "Hey I'm here...I was here first...and we all are so in love with her but I need to feel loved too" haha...anyone experience that? I'm not upset...well I was about a week ago but after I told him he realized.

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed with guests staying too long? And don't know how to tell them it's time to go? We were already in that position and things worked out so we didn't have to have the talk but in finding out about an Xmas visit it appears that could be like a 8 day visit and I'm not really up for that. I am good with 5 days and that's it but when I hinted to someone else wanting to visit in part of their stay it didn't go noticed and I already know I'll be the one having to bring this up and be the bad guy. any experience?

Auntie DC is set to come on Tuesday! So excited and I think Mr. B is finally going to go out of town. He needs to. I don't want him getting in trouble and if he's going to do it I'd rather him do it when I have someone least for the first time. I haven't thought of when he has to start doing that and it's just Ava and I. I know I'm going to want to have her in our room but will not do that. We've finally got her sleeping in her crib always until usually 7 or 8am and then she comes and hangs with us/me while we play.

She's getting better at night but her longest stretch is usually 4 hours and if she does a 4 hour then the rest are 2ish hour increments. Otherwise it's around every 3. I was reading up on 4 weeks on the bump and people comment on their kids and this bitch said her baby slept for 7 hours through the night at 4 weeks...I wanted to punch her in her face...seriously.

I get so excited when it's like 3am wake up because then I always think ok only 1 real big wake up left and then we're good haha. She had a bad night on technically Thursday morning where she was wide awake from 1-3 and then it wasn't good sleep after and then she was up all day and every time I'd get her down and try and nap that would last 20 minutes...I was exhausted. So she did do better sleeping through Friday morning and then his morning. We did nap today with her on me (she loooves sleeping on her tummy). We're practicing tummy time now to get her neck muscles going. It gets her nice and tired because we do it after her 6:30 feeding usually around 7:15ish and then we give her a bath afterwards (which thankfully she loves) and then her feeding at 8 and asleep by 9 and that's usually her longest sleep time.

I seriously love being home and wish I could be a SAHM seriously. I enjoy doing the laundry and having time to make the bed haha and do other stuff. I guess that's why I'm not getting naps in because I do all the other stuff while Ava is sleeping. But I do really need to start treating myself at least a couple times a week. Hopefully we'll win the lottery before I have to go back to work haha

Well I better get to bed. If Ava does 4 hours I only have about 1.75 hours until she wakes.

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