Friday, December 10, 2010

Been a week

Sorry had company come in...well Auntie DC is still here actually and I promise I'll start posting more when it's back to just Ava and I. The other night we attempted Xmas pictures and wouldn't you know Ava wasn't satisfied with being fed a mere hour before and NEEEEEEDED to eat right then and cried through the whole thing so we get to redo them...

Hopefully tomorrow.
I have managed to get a lot done though.
MIL xmas gift done
BIL xmas gift done
(we drew names so we're done)
my little brother and sister done
Mr. B done except for stocking stuffers
Ava we just need to get a walk or jumperoo haven't decided
and I need to get my baby niece something

Happy it's almost done.


  1. Jumperoo - for sure. Babies go nuts in them. I think I had more fun watching Gabby bounce around like mad than she did actually doing it - but I think she really really liked it, too. lol

  2. Thanks!
    Mr. B really wants a walker but I think she'll benefit more from a jumperoo than a least sooner since he mainly wants it for outside and clearly we won't be outside with her for a couple of months!