Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yes that's me...I know I should've posted a picture on Saturday and busy with the in law's and then getting sick these past few days I just haven't felt like it but honestly I was on FB for the first time last night in awhile so I could've.

So I will tonight!

Mr. B said he'd be running late so I'm really hoping to tell him to grab his own dinner and I'll have leftover lemon pasta and get into bed early because I didn't get any sleep last night...I just tossed and turned.

Mr. B asked what I wanted for Mother's Day and I said just the phone I had to buy since mine is dying...I bought it off of ebay because I'm too stingy to buy a full price one since I'm not up for renewal for another year hah

But he asked if I wanted to go to lunch and as great as that sounds I just can't commit until Sunday...I know this.

But he said maybe we could hit up Destination Maternity and get me some clothes which would be nice.

I'd also like to check out a local baby furniture shop since I don't really want to step foot in Babies R Us unless I really really have to.

I like a bed from online but we'd really like to purchase the rest of the stuff from a local place where can see the quality instead of hoping reviews are good enough...we'll see though


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  1. OMG- How cute is Mr. B?! My BIL didn't think that Mother's day counted until the baby was born (jerk) so glad to see Mr. B making it count!