Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Update: Week 18

How far along? 18 Weeks....some say hello 5th Month!

How big is baby? large bell pepper (5.5 inches and between 5 and 7 oz) or a Sweet Potato

Weight gain/loss? When I went to the doc last week I was 175 (gasp I told my weight) and that was up about a pound for the month....I got on my scale at home but like I said before it's not accurate. If I had to guess though I'll be up about another lb or two

Maternity clothes? yes and no. I wear a lot of dresses that I've had so its technically normal clothes but you can tell I'm pregnant and I've bought a few shirts and a pair of jean capri's.

Stretchies? I have found some on these massive things we call boobs folks. So I'm really applying the butter to them far so good on belly

Sleep? Great for a few hours and then my arms fall asleep or I have to shift or pea.

Best moment this week? I think I felt some flutters!

Movement? I think I felt a flutter this Monday but was so stressed with work that I let that go and haven't since.

Food cravings? nothing really except when I get home everyday I like to drink some pickle juice...I did like it before but now every day I want it haha

Food adversions/foods that make me sick? I actually finally good on this y'all!!!!

Gender? I guess I still have a feeling of girl but since so many are boy I've really been getting it in my head that it's a boy but now that I posted a new photo a lot of folks are saying girl...hah we'll see in less then 2 weeks now.

Labor signs? none. It needs to stay that way!

Belly button in or out? More and more shallow by the day!

What I miss? Feeling energized, and drinking I'm not going to lie

What I am looking forward to? cleaning out the closets in the babies room....feeling the baby move....finding out the gender...and seeing my family

Milestones? made it another week and can consider me into a new month but I'll just wait until the 26th

New things this week? Bump continues to grow haha I love it honestly! Stretchies on boobs

Randoms? Hips are still hurting, fatigue is in full force, hungry more, and in planner mode

Weekly Wisdom? Haven't gotten any this week I don't think...shocker!!!

Emotions? Well things have been better this week but that could be because Mr. B has been out of town haha. I know my boss set me off on a warpath yesterday but that had nothing to do with me being pregnant because when I told my colleagues all the stupid things they agreed they would be there right along with me. hah

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