Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 5 Update

How far along?: 5 Weeks 1 Day

Maternity clothes: Nope

Sleep: So far been good. I'm extremely tired.
Best moment this week: Finding out I was pregnant!
Movement: Does gas count?! haha none

Food cravings: None so far

Food aversions: None yet but smells are starting to get to me...but I walk out of the room and I'm fine again.

Gender: Won't know that for awhile.

Labor signs: None for a long long time please!

Belly button in or out?: Innie

What I miss: I'm still on my high so I miss nothing right now...I know what I'll miss in a week though hah

What I am looking forward to: Getting my beta's hopefully tomorrow

Weekly Wisdom: Continue to work out and try yoga

Milestones: BFP!

Weight: We won't talk about that until I get weighed at the docs

Don't mind my double chin or gross arm....I'll clean my bathroom next time so I'll take a regular picture haha...oh and don't think that little bump is my baby bump..that's the fat I have been trying to get under control hah