Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Mesh Bag

I couldn't save the picture but here's the link if you want to's actually supposed to be for a Bridesmaid but it would be great for many things I think.... Daycare Bag.

And I think this is the case I'm getting for my Iphone

I'm just trying to figure out if the ones on Amazon are compatible with the Verizon's version because I can save 20 bucks but I know Verizon's mute button was moved a little and Otterbox was designing a new one however it says it's compatible for both so I don't want to spend 50 with them if I can get it for 30 you know.....le sigh

Anywho I forgot milk yesterday and lucy loo only at 7.75oz I am so thankful that she did that and she was fussy on the way home (what else is new) but she made it just fine and ate.

I didn't even know but Mr. B is staying with his brother who had his appendix removed two days ago. I kept wondering what in the hell was taking him so long this morning when I could've used his help and it was because he was packing but when I asked all he said was because he had to shave.

I thawed chicken ...and do you really think I want to eat but now I will have to.

So yesterday I only pumped 6oz yah 6 lousy oz I was pissed and worried. But today I pumped like 11.5oz whoot

But I am going to buy some Mother's Milk Tea and some Fenugreek as well as increasing my water intake. So we're going to try that because I really want to make enough for daycare for her.


  1. Have you tried lactation cookies? Or eating lots of oatmeal? The cookies totally helped me, as weird as it was, BUT they tended to make both me AND Gabby gassy... so be on the lookout for that if you do try them (my SIL said the same thing once haha).

    When I was working (between G's 3rd-6th month), I was only away from her for about 6-7 hrs. But I had to pump every two hours in order to keep my supply up. On the days I would only pump twice I would go home with only 4-5 ounces sometimes and I just wanted to cry... maybe adding in another pumping session will help..? And also FWIW, as soon as I stopped working and was EBF again my supply shot right back up no problems, despite all the tiny pumped amounts so don't give up. :)

    I really hope you can manage a way to SAH or maybe even work only part-time. I know you really want it.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I did see oatmeal so I did buy some packets so I can make it at work once I get in.

    I've thought about pumping 3 times while at work but that would mean my last pumping session would be around 3-3:30 and she's usually hungry when I get her even if they feed her between 3:30-4:30 so then I was worried I wouldn't have enough supply for her when I got home to feed her.

    I'll give the oatmeal and the mother's milk a shot and look for those cookies (chicken and turkey make her gassy haha) and see if that helps.

    Thanks for the advice