Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please say a little prayer..or give me good mojo...or jobby dust

whatever your religion, thoughts, or beliefs are haha

Thanks to a friend Steph she gave me a link for genuinejobs.com and this lady tries to weed out all the crappy work from home jobs and only post legitimate ones.

Well she hasn't updated in a while so I thought to go back to look at the January 30th postings.

And there was a job for a schedulers assistant.
I open it up and it's for an interpreting company (of course not the one I work for) and wouldn't you know they want someone to schedule the interpreters and work with them and the clients via phone and email. Ummm yah this girl does that right now!

It's only part time with more hours possibly in the future so I really don't know how many hours but I can assume about 20 hours a week.

The pay it said based on experience...well this girl has 4 long years of that haha
I'm just so worried since she posted that 3 weeks ago!
But I sent an email right away saying how interested I was and sent off my resume.

So please please please think of me and hope they call back and like me and hope that the pay is worth it.

If I can make roughly what I make now I think Mr. B would actually go for it because we'd save on all the crap you're tired of reading about plus I'd still be bringing in a good enough chunk that he could feel secure.

And it would be amazing to stay at home with La Rue.

You know it's funny the other day I signed up for Facebook Horoscopes and the first one I got was saying something about conflicting things on the home and work front and decisions I have to make and it might just be better to stay at home. I of course read that to Mr. B and he scoffed at me...but hey I know not everyone believes in signs and what not but that's pretty eerie that two days later I find this opportunity that I'm qualified for, that's legit, and I can stay at home and make money so the Mr would be happy.

ok now I just have to hope it's still open!


  1. I just saw this - a few days late cause I suck at keeping up with blogs lately! - but OMG my fingers and toes are crossed for you!

  2. Thanks! Haven't heard anything yet but I'm going to keep on hoping haha