Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So get ready for this....

So last night as I'm playing with Ava and Mr. B is making dinner he comes in and looks at her and goes "Yah I think we'll try for another one of you in about a year".....


Me...."um what?"

And he goes "well maybe a little over a year"

I said "you confuse me so much"

Mr. B "I never knew she'd bring me so much joy"


Which led to our discussion of me staying home and he said it's just not feasible....what if you need new tires....what if we need a new air conditioner (I wasn't lying when I told you he's the what if man) I cried so much last night!!!! And he did too. He was so sad that he couldn't make more in his eyes and he didn't want me to hate him or resent him.

Anyways I got to working on my fan page for Facebook and still don't know if I did that thing right but did create a Twitter account and I will officially be featured on the MOMpreneur blog on Monday weeee

I'm doing a give away for them and doing a discount for some folks.

So today Mr. B called and wanted to take me to lunch since he had to go out of town for the day which was nice.

I told him my plan which is....

If Etsy gets going and I can make some money and find a part time job I'm still going to do that however
if not...

I'm still taking my whole check sans daycare money booooo to pay off the loan which he thought was an excellent idea.

Then I'm going to take my whole check sans daycare (can I get a booo booo) and put it into savings and do this until we get pregnant and I quit my job when I'm oh 8-9 months pregnant. That'll be 2 years from now and as I see if can be buying a new car in cash or at least putting a huge down payment on one and then having money left over as a supplement since I won't work at least for the first year....because honestly 1200 in daycare will be stupid to work and by then Etsy will have done something I'm quite sure!

And Mr. B said yah we can also do some home improvements which I agreed to.
I want new carpet for the 3 bedrooms and hallway and he said we should get it after Ava gets through her spilling stuff phase....I reminded him A. that's 4 years away and then we'll have #2 running around doing that and B. When she's crawling I don't want her putting her hands or mouth on that dirty crap!

And why would she have her drink all the way over there anyways? He was like "please don't tell me you're going to be THAT mom that makes them drink in the kitchen" hey my mom was haha but I said no she's good in the living room with hardwood.

So he agreed he would price out carpet and I said as long as we get it before she's crawling so we have a couple of months. Then we're just really going to have to watch Parle since he likes to sneak and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night instead of waking us.

Then the next year we'll do a new fence for our entire big yard that way Ava can get a playset or whatever and just have room.

Then the next year or flip flop the fence we'll get granite for the kitchen.

And we'll still be getting a tax return this year of course and next year so that will be a good chunk to save onto as well.

But if Etsy takes off and I can find a part time I'm outta here still dudes! Seriously.
And I still am going to look for something else but it has to be either in this location or closer because I refuse to make her get up any earlier or get her any later....and unfortunately I make decent money for no degree and don't know if I can find something.

We'll see.

Well I'm going to get things together to go get my muffin!!!!

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