Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My big girl...

So it's kind of difficult to know how much Ava actually eats being I breastfeed and I exclusively breast feed unless she's at daycare because otherwise I would spend my entire life hooked up to that pump and well even though it's annoying sometimes I really love it.

Anywho yesterday they said they think she can handle 4oz each feeding...for some reason that just got me sad that she's growing up and getting big haha I mean just a week ago she could barely finish 3oz at one feeding and now 4....

But she only gained 1/2lb from 2 months to 3 months although I contribute those 2 weeks at daycare as her not gaining as much being she wasn't eating an then slowly eating and since I'm not readily available all the time she's not eating as much but still she's very high on the charts.

And clearly she's getting over that if she's eating a lot now.

I love getting the sheets everyday to tell me when she ate, how much she ate, when she napped, and when they change her and they put nice notes on usually.

Everyone keeps saying she looks like Mr. B but while Auntie Toni and Uncle Kenny were over I showed them a picture of me as a baby and they were like whoa! She does look like you haha I knew it!

She's laughing and giggling and talking now and it just melts my heart especially when she gets really excited. Just wish I had more time with her at night. Last night Mr. B was out of town and I let her sleep on me for about an hour and then I put her down and 2 minutes later I missed silly! She was just in the other room but I held the monitor to my ear to just listen to her for awhile haha

She's been getting up a lot these past few nights so I guess she's going through a spurt because she's eating a lot each time. Hopefully she gets over it soon and starts going back to doing at least the 6-7 hour one so I can get some sleep.

Right now I pump at 10 and 1 at work but I'm either going to have to do that then pump when she goes to sleep (although I have to wait a few hours to get my supply back up and then she's been waking up 3 hours later but hopefully that spurt will go away and I can) however it's a pain to bust out the machine since I keep it packed in a backpack for work...or I'll need to adjust my times here at work to 9, 12, and 3 but then the 3 is later and right when we get home she eats so I want there to be enough.

Currently I'm getting about 9oz so I guess if I did the 9 and 12 then I could do a smaller pump at 3. But it depends on when she eats before we leave too...most mornings she eats around 5-5:30 and is asleep all the way there and until about 8 something but today she ate at 7 so then the 9 wouldn't have a lot.

It's so freaking complicated I tell you haha

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