Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can't believe it...

That I didn't tell all of you!!!!

I got a raise! That call was indeed about raises for everyone but it was all based on performance and what everyone was doing...I got the most out of the region or at least one of the highest which was fantastic plus we also still get our raises for our annual which mine is at the beginning of June....super stoked about this!

Also I got a call today saying I was picked to travel next month to Ann Arbor to hang with my big boss and only 15 folks will be there and it's to revamp New Hire Training etc...which is great because we're the ones that go through it all the time and generally we're training so it only makes sense.

Only one person in my position per region got picked and they were hand selected by my boss so I feel very very honored.

Things are really clicking...and it's funny because Mr. B is still interested in the position at the company his brother works for but we'd have to move 2 hours away and the closest center is North Houston which would be 1.5 hours either I'd have to quit and find a new job or we'd buy in Houston and Mr. B would just have to stay in LC with his brother (since it would be 4 10's) granted there would be OT involved that if he wanted he could have which he would need to do to make it worth while but he could always just work until noon or something and then drive back.

But I said you know this is bad timing when I finally love my job and he said he knew...I mean if it actually comes down to the job finally opening and him applying and interviewing we can reevaluate but until then I'm just going to soak up everything good coming my way for all of my hard work....

The girl that I'm covering for on maternity leave put in her notice on Friday...she called yesterday to apologize...I appreciated that. I have to say that I don't mind doing it but would like a little more time in my day to do some analyzing those folks who need a little more look see :)

And I was supposed to start covering the N Houston center after the one I'm covering which will happen just won't for a couple more months.

I can't complain because I thought the center I was covering for those folks were going to give me a hard time and they really have liked me which makes my days so much better!!!!

Life is good though I have to say that.

A little confused on when my period will come this next time since it was so strange the last go round and I was set to ovulate on our trip to NOLA which is when we were going to start trying to make a beh beh but eh I guess we'll practice and see since I have no idea.

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