Friday, February 12, 2010


So for the Summer Olympics I decided to do a around the world meal with beer and wine as well.
Mr. B loved it so much that I'm doing it again for the Winter Olympics.

Here is my menu

U.S.A.- Sliders
Spain- Empanada's
Italy- Pizza Dippin Strips
China- Shrimp and Pork Won tons
France- Brie En Croute
Germany- Some kind of beer
Belgium- Some kind of beer
Australia- Some kind of wine

And I'm probably going to get some other kind of wine from somewhere in South America or something like that!

Very exciting.

Both Mr. B and I haven't been feeling well. Poor Mr. B slept in the guest room again but he didn't have as much phelm and didn't get sick last night and was able to eat his Gumbo in peace haha.

I on the other hand woke up worse today....and with the snow really contemplated just working from home...but figured I'd probably leave early.

So on the way to work I ran to Walgreen's to buy Mr. B some TheraFlu and me some Airborne.
But of course I buy the Walgreen's version.

And lo and behold I went to pick up my WalBorne haha and it was buy 1 get one free!!! so I did

And then I went to get the WalFlu and it was buy 1 get one free! It was meant to be I tell you.

Anyways I just had my first one and put too much water in it but that combined with the delicious King Cake I am feeling much better. I think two or three more of these bad boys and I'll be ret to go!

I could honestly drink it everyday because I love the taste.

And I finally dropped off my Mexico pictures (water camera) so hopefully I get some good ones of that and can finish my big picture frame I have.

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  1. What an awesome idea! I love the food and drink pairing, we're only doing drinks!