Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sugar Doll Award

The beautiful lovely Jin gave me a Sugar Doll Award. I am supposed to give it out to 5 Bloggers but that will have to be for a different day haha

I am taking baby steps...like 1. was announcing I got an award a while back...2. Is actually saying 10 things about myself (which is a requirement in receiving the award)...3. Giving the award to 5 other bloggers.

I'm working on it folks!

ok so 10 Things you didn't know about me before...

1. I have this OCD issue with numbers being on odd numbers but only with alarms and volumes. So like when I set my daily alarm is either has to be a 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 however I don't like using 5 at all. My preferences are always 1 and 7 i.e. 7:31 or 7:37am...car radio's if they have an actual number I like them to be odd too.

2. When doing things like decorating everything has to have a partner or equal itself out. I don't like mis matchy things...another OCD issue apparently.

3. I'm left handed. Growing up all throughout elementary there was just one other kid and myself. Brian Nagle...he ended up playing QB for Navy and went on to MIT...he's very smart haha

4. I am obsessed with watching late night tv on TV Land. I love Roseanne and Golden Girls...I secretly think about how when I'm older if Mr. B dies before me I want to live with women like that hah

5. Most people's first impressions of me are that I'm a big ol bitch...but it's just that I tell it like it is. I don't have time for fakeness in my life and I don't have time for you if you're well useless, classless, dramatic, ignorant, racist, or a bitch. I've been told many times by my friends that they heard all these bad things about me but when they actually hung out with me they realized I'm one of the most caring, loving, hilarious, but feisty friends they've ever had. They know I have their backs through thick and thin. Nobody hurts my family or friends. And some people just can't handle my big personality. Don't get me wrong what I just typed made it sound like a raging bitch and I'm not really I promise...but the older I get the less time I have for BS. But if you need someone at 4am to cry on or bail you out of jail I'm your girl forever and always.

6. I want breast implants...always have and always will until I get them. I once went in for a consultation after I had gained a lot of weight due to BC so they were bigger then normal and he said well he wouldn't recommend it...then he proceeded to say I could do this, this, and that and remove that 3rd nipple...I said excuse me?! Ok folks it's a tiny mole under one of my boobs...that's when I realized he wasn't the doctor for me...and because I was so upset with him we spent the money on a new bedroom set haha but hey we still have that bedroom set, and those B boobs, and that "third nipple". But after my first or second kid I will be getting them...Mr. B already said so :)

7. I'm obsessed with teeth. Every day I look at my teeth and find things wrong with them. I am now convinced my teeth are shifting and that I may need invisoline...I've never needed braces and that's something I was very proud of but now I may :( well no doctor would but they would give me invisoline...maybe

8. Since my husband has lost weight (he did get this before but not as much) he's gotten a lot of people asking if he used to play Professional Football. He's very broad and big...that's a huge turn on to me and I become proud even though he got hurt in college and couldn't continue playing.

9. My biggest vice is US Weekly, and many reality shows...my favorites are the Real Housewives series...Facebook, message boards all of that junk...can't help it...will never change

10. Geez this is tough...I hate feet. But think I have pretty cute feet haha except for my second toe on my left foot..its bigger then my big toe and was broken oh I guess about a year ago and it kind of healed wrong and now it turns down and towards my big toe more instead of straight and it drives me crazy. If I had endless amounts of money I would get it corrected....SHUT UP and quit giving me those side eyes...I know there are freakish things about all of you that you'd change.

And I'm finally done...wow I'm a fucked up individual hah

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