Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Okay so...

I knew if I blogged about it, it would happen. And by it I mean her...haha

So I guess I'm going with a 34ish day cycle....eh whatev's...the Saints are going the Super Bowl that's all I really care about now haha

I can't even breathe at work I mean I know I say that in every post but it's true.

I really hope this call today is about a raise...I really really hope so. And if it is I'm going to fake Mr. B out and say oh it was the same ol "you're doing so great we appreciate you so much crap" and he'll buy it.

And then maybe I'll have a really good work out since I'll be so happy haha and then when he gets home I can tell him....well only if it's good news :)

Some good news though....

I've been awarded a blogger award!!!! I'll post about that tonight since there are some things to it.

So exciting and it just makes me want to actually start blogging more!

Wish me luck!

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