Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm pretty sure I've talked about this site before but if I haven't shame on me.

I've been using E.L.F. for oh about 2.5 years now. Usually just did small things here and there but recently have been using them so much more and don't know why I finally just started.

It's a cosmetics site for super cheap...when I say cheap like nail polish 1 dollar, lipstick 1 dollar, some eye stuff 1 dollar.

Some things are 3 or 5 or you can get kits like 10+

They do have a section of like high priced stuff but most of the stuff is under 10 bucks. And it's great quality!!!!

The Lip Gloss, and Nail Polish were both a dollar each and the eye shadow was 3. So 5 bucks. Mr. B I know you're reading so you can't be mad that 3 pieces of make up only costs 5 bucks haha.

Now I got this several months ago and will last a long long time because I only ever wear it on weekends but still great value!!!
Basic Brown
12 Bucks folks!!!! Yes even if you went to Target and got a nice mineral eye shadow 1 would cost you the amount all 3 plus two brushes plus eye liner costs you here! It comes in a box too....But I saw another set on there where it came with a bag for more which I wish I did have a bag. Anyways they have two different color kits but now that I have the brushes and stuff I think I may just buy the separates and keep them in different bags...but I have to say I'm not a huge fan of this eye's very hard. But they do sell a pencil eyeliner (this is also a pencil) that is softer and I think it's only like a dollar too its black or you can buy brown but the pencil outside is it much better.
Anyways man after this E.L.F. should send me some free stuff haha
But regardless I love the site!

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