Friday, October 28, 2011

Ava's Weekly Update- 49 Weeks

When you notice baby start pulling herself up and attempting to walk, try a game of push and pull to help her along. Get a light, baby-sized chair or box, and hold onto one side while baby supports herself with the other. Gently pull the item toward yourself while baby holds on and walks along with it.

Ava can pull herself up anything like a champ...I swear she has frog suction cup fingers haha. But she isn't interested in walking unless she's holding onto the table or couch and then she'll move from side to side

Baby now has an attention span of two to five minutes, which means she can enjoy both story time and playtime for a bit longer than when she was an infant. Her muscles are growing too -- expect her to start taking those first steps any day now.

I'll start trying two books a night again...she got tired of that and we had to go to one but I bet she'll do well with two again.

Schedule baby's birthday party according to her normal daily routine. She'll be best able to enjoy the party if she's rested, well-fed, and feeling secure.

We scheduled it for 1 so that should be good. We had originally scheduled it for 1-2:30 and then to watch the LSU/Bama game but stupid CBS changed allll the rules and moved the game to 7...which is fine. I figure an hour/hour and a half party is the perfect amount of time.

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