Friday, October 28, 2011

Ava's Weekly Update- 50 Weeks

As baby enters toddlerhood, you may notice him becoming increasingly resistant to naptime and bedtime. Work to establish and follow a routine as much as possible, and make sure to factor in time for baby to wind down and relax. It's also important for caregivers to maintain the routine whenever you're away so that baby understands there are no exceptions to bedtime rules.

Ava doesn't really do naps...she has to be exhausted to fall asleep in a bouncy seat at school...sometimes will fall asleep if being held...will NEVER nap in her crib there and at home for that matter.
She always falls asleep with me in bed when we take a joint nap which I am fine with because she'll normally sleep longer and that means I can get a nap in haha.
Bed time I have noticed is a little later these days but she's out for the count by 8.

Baby may soon start to show interest in feeding himself with a spoon. Let him! Try to accept that mealtime will be messy for a while, and keep reminding yourself that this is a step toward independence for baby. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy your own meal while baby eats all by himself.

She just likes the spoon to play with haha but she's doing fantastic at picking things up to eat and prefers that which is fine for now. She also is doing really great with the sippy cup. We still do bottle for milk at daycare and then I still nurse her when she's home but she gets the sippy cup once or twice a day with water at daycare and then at home during her snack and dinner.

If you're ready to wean baby from formula or breast milk, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends whole milk until age two -- the fat and cholesterol are good for baby's development.

I have her one year appointment set for her birthday...I'm a bad mom I know but I took the day off and she'll forget about the shots she gets in the morning 10 minutes later anyways. I will be discussing the milk thing when there. Of course I do not pump anymore and figured it would take a few weeks to wean the nursing but wanted to see what she recommended for weaning the formula and going to all milk other than nursing. I'm very excited about this...because formula is expensive and I'm very very very lucky that I just recently had to start buying it.

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