Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 13 Update

Week 13 Update

How far along?: 13 Weeks

How big is baby: 2.9 inches long, weighing .81oz and the size of a Peach

Maternity clothes: I can wear some of my regular clothes but now that I am out I'm wearing maternity because I need it!

Sleep: The rib is still hurting but I've mastered how to sleep where I'm not in pain...Ava had a few nights where she woke up before 4:30 and she had to cry it out but last night she slept until I about woke her up at 6:35 so yipee...I think it being dark helps

Best moment this week: Getting into the 2nd Trimester!

Movement: possibly but I've been focusing on my breathing so much and not getting sick I haven't even been thinking about that or excited honestly

Food cravings: nothing

Food aversions: Everything makes me sick so it really doesn't matter

Gender: Won't know that for awhile.

Labor signs: None for a long long time please!

Belly button in or out?: Innie

What I miss: I'll miss eating my steak at medium rare and having to heat up deli meats, and watching cheeses. (This will probably stay because I have barely drank as it is with BF'ing so that isn't that big of a deal)

What I am looking forward to: Hopefully feeling well enough to eat a good amount at Texas De Brazil this Friday

Weekly Wisdom: I haven't gotten any yet since I really haven't told anyone. But you better believe I'll be asking about the 2 under 18 months folks.

Milestones: Getting into the 2nd Trimester makes me feel so good! Also hearing the heartbeat on the doppler.

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