Thursday, January 7, 2010

#96 Call my Grandparents Every Week

This is something that I actually have been doing unless one of us are out of town and just can't.

But none the less I think this is something that I HAVE to I don't feel obligated to do it but it's something that in my gut, in my heart, in my bones I just NEED to do to feel right about my week. My grandparents and I have had many struggles but they helped raise me and I'll always be indebted to them for that.

As they grow older and I grow older I have been amazed at their true personalities and who they are and it's so great hearing stories and insight from them.

I actually am excited to put that phone call in and it's no sweat off my back if it lasts an hour or two.

For Labor Day 2008 Mr. B and I met up with just my grandparents to go to New York City. I had been about 10 years previous with them and the family so it was nice to go back after I was grown up. Granted they couldn't get around as much so some aspects would've been more fun if we were with people our own age but nothing will ever replace just us 4 being there and experiencing all the fun things we did.

And even though they had been there after the initial visit (well they used to live in Yonkers and my grandpa worked in NYC in the 70's) we took them to a Yankee's game and we paid....we paid for other things too and it wasn't about who paid but I know they respected us more for that. Hell they respected us for asking to go not all of their kids are as cool as me :)

Anyways they came down for Thanksgiving as you know and it was a great time! I'm glad we got that time together especially because even though they're only 70 they don't take care of themselves and they act more like they're 80. I'm worried they won't be around much longer and they are like my parents. In face I will be far more upset about that then my father....and my mother well I won't even go to her funeral (long story that I don't know if you'll ever get to read but maybe someday if I'm like bedridden with my child haha) umm no not pregnant yet.

Mr. B and my gramps would spend every night outside drinking Bourbon and water and smoking cigars and just talking and I truly think that's great that Mr. B has been able to do that with him. I mean my gramps is an easy guy to talk to hell if you start talking expect to be there for at least 2 hours if not more but it's great they can talk about all kinds of things together. Since they are the two most important men in my life!

I don't think sometimes people appreciate their loved ones especially their elders as much as they should. They DO know better, they HAVE been there, and they DO have sound advice.

So now I take it all in. Sometimes I don't have to agree but for the most part they're right. And I respect them.

The other night I was talking to my gramps and he was handing the phone over to my GG to talk and he was talking to her but not thinking I heard and said "Here's your favorite daughter...tell her that" of course I was giggling on the phone so she knew I heard...

But that just made my heart fill up so much with happiness.

See I'm not their daughter. I'm their granddaughter but I was raised more like a daughter because my dad wasn't around and my mom had 3 other little kids so on weekends I spent a lot of time there and family vacations.

And my aunts and uncles treat me as a sister and I treat my cousins more as nieces and nephews...of course this isn't something we say around my dad because he's such a pansy although he deserves to feel bad but that's the way that is.

My gramps told me that there's a special section in his will for me because he didn't trust my dad to give it fairly to me and I'm not like a normal grandchild. Yes it's not as much as a normal child (well I think at least) and then there's a section for the grand kids that I'm a part of.

And you know it's not about the's never been about the money. I could care less if there's nothing for me but the rings on my finger (my grandma's original wedding set) and the wooden people. That's all I've asked for in their passing. And she told me I could have the wooden people now so that our future kids can play with them :)

But it doesn't matter to me. But it sure does make me feel great to know that they see me in a different light because I don't feel like a normal grandchild. They are like my parents.

But none the less they are still very important to me and I love them dearly and so I guess this post is basically to say give your parents, or grand parents, or if you're lucky enough to have great grandparents , or whomever was there for you growing up and is still there for you tonight and tell them how much they mean to you...because you never know when they will be gone.

I know that when that time comes I'll have had great experiences and conversations based on my weekly calls to them and that's something that you can't put a price on.


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