Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'd like to...

apologize for not being around more...especially since I was on a roll...however.

and this is a BIG however.

I won't.

Work has been so nuts lately that the past 3 days of work I ended up trying to get rid of a headache and stomach ache throughout the entire night le sigh....

I always wished for more work and to feel busy all day long until it happened....and boy did it happen over night.

If there was more money involved I wouldn't have a problem...well that's a lie...I would but it sure would make this a lot easier.

They say they're looking into it but who knows really.

My name is being thrown around like crazy which is really big boss has been giving me kudos...i mean if I can't get money this is the next best thing.

I've been told that I've now set the bar which is good and bad but I'm at the point where I can either really hate my job and be miserable or I can try to keep a positive attitude and do my job well so that's where I'm at.

So Mr. B and I decided to have a little date night. My dad and skeletor got us a gift card to Copelands. We went back and forth on the original or Cheesecake Bistro. Since we ate at the Bistro last we went to the original.

It was crazy because as we were sitting there I realized we hadn't been at that one since we picked our wedding date 3 years ago! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by!!!

Then we waited...and waited...and waited some more. The guy that I presume was our waiter helped the table next to us and the one next to them....then I'm pretty sure I saw him help the table next to us on the other side but we had this thing in our way.

After 23 minutes...yes you read that right 23 minutes of not even getting a glance over or a hello Mr. B asked for the manager.

Mr. B is a little rough around the edges sometimes so this is how it went...

and I'm pretty sure the manager knew right away why he was being called over.

whats the problem

"Yah we've been here for over 20 minutes and we haven't gotten a hi, kiss my ass, goodbye, or water"

haha I thought oh good lord Mr. B

But we did get a free app out of it.

Then when we did get a waiter it wasn't the one that I thought it was supposed to be our the guy started it with

Well it looks like I'll be your waiter tonight.

The original dude wasn't busy so I don't get's like he thought he knew us and didn't like us so he just didn't even talk to us... I mean how freaking rude.

But we had a good time after that and all is well...

I still have a lot of updating to do but I wanted to throw this one in so at least you wouldn't be too mad at me!

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