Monday, January 4, 2010

Operation Make a Baby in 2010

Is sort of in action.

I let Mr. B sit on the numbers for a couple of days before bringing it up.

We agreed that when the credit card debt is fully paid off we can start trying which will be the beginning of March. I have to show him the statement but that's ok...compromises right?!

I also have to sell the escort but we need a battery. So Mr. B is to buy that and then I can list it.

I'm quite sure I can sell the car in 2.5 months time.

Mr. B apparently thinks he has what he calls "super sperm" so he thinks we'll have no problems getting not so much. I have this feeling that it may take awhile. Which whatever happens happens.

I'm just excited to have an actual date set!!!! ahhhh so exciting.

So if all goes as planned I'll be ovulating around/between March 4th-10th (which I'm not going to do temping yet because frankly I don't understand it and I'm afraid of it) haha and if we did get lucky enough to get pregnant then we'd be due for November day after my GG's birthday hmmmm could be interesting.

Well enough of that sit we still have 2 months to go.

Ok off to see about what it takes to list a car on craigslist.

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