Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Day

So this may take a me awhile (not that y'all would really know) haha but my cute snuggly wuggly doggie is on my right arm right now...

ANYWAYS...as if being in The Big Easy for New Years Eve wasn't enough we had a whole big day ahead of us on New Years Day!

Us on Fulton Street. Last year it was a pretty purple color.

We went to a brewery where we proceeded to watch our boys lose..le sigh not talking about that right now hah
We then headed over to The Bulldog in Uptown with our friend Auntie Lauren

the guys had clearly had quite a bit to drink!

Auntie Katti, Auntie Lauren, and I

Us at the Sugar Bowl

the game

this pretty much summed up the game...Cincy took the shocker dry up the proverbial you know what...

then the boys wanted to try...Mr. B looks like he's got a stub and Uncle Dave looks like a pirate with a bum hand...
we can't all be cool like me haha

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