Wednesday, January 27, 2010

yah yah yah

ok so I haven't updated like I wanted le sigh.
I just have no time when I'm doing work every night to always try and catch up.

Anyways I'm in the midst of more work while at work get to rush to the gym, rush home to continue cleaning up my pig sty, and then more work whoot.

Anyways I have a question for you ladies either A. who's boobs always get sore before their period or B. for those ladies who ended up with a BFP how did it feel if they got sore before you tested?

Do I think I'm pregnant eh not really...but here's the deal.

Last month was the first month that I ever had sore boobs before my period. It's just never been a symptom of I thought hmm odd but she showed up right on time (my body got used to the 28 days thing again yahhh)

Fast Forward to this month.
Boobs started hurting slightly on Friday got more serious Saturday and Sunday and Monday and yesterday were like wowza!

I was due to start on Sunday/ go...not a huge concern because it could just be whatever.

But last night I sat there massaging my boobs for a good 5 minutes because of the pain and my nipples....GOOD GOD MY NIPPLES!!! I have never experienced pain like that before...well yes I have but that's not appropriate for her haha jk

Not like this...and now I have heart burn and I think back and I started getting heart burn last week.

But that happens sometimes.

Anyways I'm just wondering maybe with age my symptoms are changing or it could possibly be a BFP. Highly doubt it and honestly it's the furthest thing from my mind. I'm really at ease with all that baby stuff since we'll officially start trying in a little over a month anyways :)

But yah just wondering how all you lovely ladies work.

Peace be with you :p


  1. I don't recall having sore boobies before my BFP but heartburn was my very first symptom. I remember drinking 5 glasses of water in an hour wondering why the heck I was getting heartburn from water! So when are you peeing? =)

  2. umm I figure I won't try until Friday because then it'll be about 4 days past when I should've got my lovely visitor.

    I still have heartburn 6 hours later blah!

  3. Don't wait - test now!!! One of my first symptoms was heartburn as well... And I tested a day before I was actually due. Test tomorrow AM, and report back!