Monday, January 11, 2010

Crappy Mondaysssssss

Boy my Mondays are always super busy and I never feel like I can breathe. It totally reminds me of Office Space

"Looks like some one's got a case of the Monday's"

No bitch I just hate my job and don't want to be has nothing to do with's just the same ol shit different day that is mind numbing! haha

le sigh

Anywho I think I ate too much. I got Jason's Deli. Got a 1/2 Ruben and a cup of broccoli cheddar. I didn't even finish the soup it started weighing heavily on my stomach. I didn't even get to drink as much water as I normally would.

In fact I've barely been able to drink anymore water because I can feel it sloshing around in there and feel like I could get sick at any minute.

I also feel like my throat is hurting...oh boy I hope I'm not getting sick.

I'll have to update about my weekend tonight especially since Mr. B is out of town until Wednesday.
Then he heads out on Thursday for a bachelor party in Destin (how nice right) but I'm going to get Auntie Mel on Friday and she's going to stay the weekend and then Auntie Mo is coming up too!

So hooray for fun things to look forward. It will be nice with Mr. B gone because then I have a chance to catch up on laundry and cleaning. When he's home I have to rush home and make dinner and feel like spending time with him so I neglect things.

Well I didn't even know that I made an extra payment on the credit cards this month haha so with putting my bonus towards it I think we'll only owe like 100 bucks the first week in March. So whooot so excited!

Well it's almost time for me to leave...unfortunately I have to go to Hell Mart. God have mercy on my soul!

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