Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doctor's Visit

Well it's not in her chest whoot whoot!

It's just mucus in her throat and of course since she's 4.5 months she doesn't know how to get it out poor thing.

So the bark is bigger than the bite if you will.

However if she gets a fever or we hear/feel vibration in her chest we need to bring her in but again my doc is pretty conservative when it comes to meds so she didn't want to start on antibiotics if it wasn't completely necessary and I agree.

So she recommended Dimatapp that has Benedryl in it which may help her sleep better's daytime though because nighttime would apparently knock her out and we don't want that especially during the day.

So last night I went to try and give it to her and did the trick of blowing a little in her face...her face was hilarious! Every time I did it her eyes would get as big as a deer's in headlights haha

She did swallow it all though....didn't help a ton for sleep because she kept waking up with the coughing but Rome wasn't built in a day right?!

Now this morning she wakes up at like 6:20...she can't get comfy and of course my alarm is to go off at 6:25 and even though it's 5 minutes every minute counts now with this girl so I wish I could've gotten that sleep. Anywho by the time I have to get up she's back asleep....go figure

And is knocked out. I get ready and I hear her rustling around but her eyes are closed so I'm sure she could've gotten herself back to sleep but I had waited as long as I could so I gave her a little kissy on her hand and she was in a fog but opened her eyes half way and saw I was there and immediately put on the biggest grin. I love how she always wakes up so happy!

She however did not want the medicine today and has already outsmarted me on this whole blowing in her face thing because she took that like a champ without swallowing oy vey

But since the night is always worse I will be happy if we can at least successfully get her to take it at night.

I'm going to do the saline drops in her nose tonight and hopefully suck out some more junk.

I'm just happy it's not too serious and hopefully she has a speedy recovery!

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