Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hodge Podge

Ok got in the shoes and Baby Legs in of course when Mr. B got home early heh but you know what he actually liked the shoes! He didn't even look at the baby legs just a comment of "so basically they're leg warmers" well yes Mr. B to break it down...

So yesterday was Ava's 4 month check up. Things are great as usual.

15lbs 3oz
26 inches long
16.5 inch head

Up from her 3 month....
1lb 3oz
1.5 inches
.5 inches

I can't believe she's as long as she is...I guess it hasn't registered since I'm with her everyday.
The sleep thing yah still not happening and doc lady says it could be because she's hungry, could be going through a spurt, could be teething, could be congestion.

She wrote down some medicine that she liked that's a decongestant if we want to use that on particularly bad days as well as her Elephant Cool Mist Humidifier.

And gave the go ahead on solids if we want. She did say cereal but also said that if she doesn't like it to move on and either stop or try something different. Recommended veggies first just because of the sweetness in fruits but said her kids didn't like anything green and so she had to do fruits first.

She said in noway do we have to do this. And especially if it doesn't help Ava sleep any better she would recommend stopping for a couple of weeks or so.

So I do not want her to have store bought rice cereal...too much stuff in it and even the vitamins they put into it only like 8% is retained. So I bought the oatmeal one but it's just a little better.

But then I read I could make my own rice cereal from brown rice which is ideal since rice is the best as far as allergies go and she would be getting far more nutrients that way.

But then I thought do I REALLY need to do the cereal or maybe just jump to a sweet potato???

So I'm online now researching specific baby blenders and the cube trays and I'd want the single pack ones so I could take them to daycare.

You know you can get really sucked up in with folks saying "well my baby did this..or my baby eats this much"

There's a baby at daycare who just started (2.5 months) he eats 5oz every 3 hours.
Ava still doesn't do that. She eats anywhere between 4-4.5oz every 3-4 hours at daycare (always getting at least 12oz if not more).
Then eats twice before bed and of course in the middle of the night and morning.

But I could worry about am I feeding her enough but heck she gained over a pound in a month and she's not really showing signs of hunger. I'm not convinced that's her issue at night.

But we'll see.

I just booked our photography session for Ava's 6 month/Family portraits weeee! I would like to do it out at LSU's campus but depending on if it rains or it's too hot (since it will be in early May) that plan may not work. She does have a portable photography studio so she can do it at our house. We could always have her do that and then take some pictures in our back yard that show the lake...I would just have to see if she can edit out the houses.

I did it 2 days after she gets her ears pierced so hopefully she'll be fine.

Off to research more on making baby food.

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