Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It continues...

the lack of sleep that is.

Last night Ava sounded kind of congested (and since two boys were sick last week...one the mom was smart and pulled him out wed, thur, and fri...the other no he went on Thursday to the doc and they said he had Strep but the idiot doctor gave a note saying he could come back Friday and what do you know they brought him in)

So I tried giving her the Triaminic sp? (far to lazy to look it up) and she did NOT want to swallow it. In fact both times she held it in her mouth as long as she could and when she had to swallow she gagged herself and it came back up with some of her most recent meal while I was cupping it so it wouldn't get on her...awesome

But she was so tired and went down quite easily and actually slept better than normal and even woke up coughing once. She did 7-11. Then I brought her in and just held her a bit and put her in the pnp and she slept I think like an hour or maybe two hours??

I fed her and put her back in the pnp and I think she stayed there until 2 or 3. Honestly I can't remember but I brought her with me because she was whimpering y'all....broke.my.heart! She was even more congested so I held her where her head was more upright and I kind of slept sitting up/laying down/my neck was killing me.

She only woke up to eat at about 5:45 and then again at 6:15 when we were getting up. She still sounded bad but she was happy as ever like always.

I sucked a little out of her nose and just which she knew if she gave it a good cough and whatever you do when you have phlegm she could get some out.

I tried putting the Triaminic on my finger and putting that in her mouth....nope still not working.

I'm just worried it's in her chest and she could get pneumonia....I was in tears last night holding her as she was whimpering and coughing.

I told the teacher to watch for it and I'm going to see how she does today and make my decision on getting an appointment tomorrow or seeing how it goes.

I know they're going to say do Triaminic and that won't work so what's plan B?!

I'm going to bring in the cool mist humidifier into my room since Mr. B is oot because I know like every other night anyways she'll end up at least in the pnp and that way it's in my room so maybe that will help.

I know her room got cold too because we forgot to open it when we came to our room and the air was on so I'm sure that didn't help. I'm going to make sure it stays a little more warm tonight.

Enough of me blabbing about it.

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