Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ava's Weekly Update- 43 Weeks

Baby's first birthday is approaching, and infantdom is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now that she can feed herself with her fingers and hold a cup, watch out for food fights. Baby loves throwing things, but not because she's trying to drive you mad -- taking action and watching its immediate effects actually help her learn.

We have taking the whole solid's thing pretty slowly. She hated the brown rice cereal that I ground up and cooked (shame on her hah) but love's puree's. This weekend I'm actually going to introduce soft sliced carrots and maybe apples and avocado's to her since she likes all of those things in puree form.
As far as drinking she does bottle of course at daycare but we haven't started her on the sippy cup yet. I'm going to put a little water in it or BM if I have enough to see how she does.

From playing patty-cake to holding out her arms while you get her dressed, baby's growing up in little ways every day. Her vocabulary is also expanding -- expect to hear more than "mama" and "dada" pretty soon. Your words are starting to make more sense to her too, so keep up your end of the chatter as much as possible.

I've definitely noticed this past week that Ava is learning a ton of things. I have been working on hello and bye bye (she flails her arm about but I know what she's trying to say...she doesn't do it every time but she's getting there), also doing high five (she will remember after we do it a few times but hours later I can't randomly ask for a high five and she'll remember).

She is chattering a ton and good to know that soon she really will say mama and dada and mean it. Whenever I say mama and do the sign for it she smiles so big...she's been smiling at that for a couple months now.

We say a prayer for Tripp Roth and the family twice a day and every time I say "Ava do you want to say a pray for Tripp?" (specifically in the car where I can see her but she can't see me) she smiles big.

I really have been talking to her a lot these past few months and will ramp it up from now on.

Serve baby's food in a bowl rather than a plate to help contain the mess. Using bowls that suction onto the high chair table will also keep things (relatively) clean.

This should be interesting but I'll give it a whirl.

Ava now has her top left front tooth and both bottom teeth. I noticed that her top right tooth is about to cut. The past two weeks she had been teething bad but that's all that I see coming in.

She now crawls everywhere! And I mean the real crawl not fast army crawling.

She is pulling herself up on anything and everything and wants to be in the know of everything as well.

Last weekend I put the things on the cabinets that tie two together. I left the really heavy drawers accessible and the pots and pans open because if she wants to get in there and make noise I'm fine with that.

She is so nosy and I know she get's that from me. She will tilt and turn her head just to see who walked by...haha it's really funny.

She also will get on all 4's sort of like the crab walk and she's trying to figure out how to stand up and let her hands go but isn't quite there yet.

We put a baby gate in front of the fireplace so of course she's no longer interested in that, but her new hobby is to push the receiver buttons and bang on the Blue Ray player...oh joy.

I can not believe she's almost 10 months.

I have started planning her 1st birthday party....The Hungry Caterpillar theme. I will be going overboard of course but oh well.

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