Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Mothers Day Post- You are the Mother of all Mothers

Today was really hard. 

On one hand my girls and Mr. B did wonderful. They were so excited and thoughtful. 

But on the other hand all I could think of was Grant. And how my belly would be getting so big and how next week would be my GD test and 28 week appointment. 

The girls picked out a few wax melts and one of them was some kind of fall cookie that made me think of how I decorate for the fall and Thanksgiving. It reminded me of football season and how much I love the holidays and just how excited I was that Grant would be here for that. 

I'm not sonsure this year I'll be able to use any of those because it will break my heart. 

I got an amazing book in from some friends. It's called You're the Mother of all Mothers. 

The very first page had me crying. It ws saying exactly how Infeel right now. 

The whole damn book was perfect. I cried, I was sad, I was validated, I was at eace for the moment. 

I just miss you Grant. I don't want you gone. 

I'm so glad today is over. 

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