Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gone Too Soon

The band Daughtry wrote a song about miscarriage/stillbirth loss. It really is beautiful and I'm so happy something mainstream is tackling the issue. 

We often feel left out because there's just not enough about this sad issue. 

But I have to say everytime the lyric "not anday goes by that I don't think of you" and "would you have my smile...and her eyes" it hurts so bad. 

I pictured Grant as me. When both of the girls were born everyone said they looked like Mr. B but I just KNEW that Grant would look like me. 

I knew he would be bigger and longer. 
I knew he'd have dark thick hair like me. 
I knew he'd end up having my dark brown eyes. 

I just knew. 

I love you my angel baby. Mommies planning something special for your one month birthday in heaven. 

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