Monday, September 20, 2010

Lists...Lists...and More Lists

Ok so I've been a list making fool! haha
But it's one thing to make a list and it's another to actually follow through.

My lists recently were for my hospital stay bag and Ava's as well.

Today I ran to Target to try and get some things.

I got me...
Small deodorant
Small toothbrush/toothpaste pack
Lip Balm
Small Shampoo/Conditioner
Small face wash
A nursing bra (I guessed on the size and got a 38 DD since they are 38D's now...I hear they get bigger but heck how am I to know what size they'll be?)
A nursing tank top
Some black kind of bikini briefs figuring black was best those first few days haha

I looked at PJ's but didn't want to pay that much at target for something I have at home.
I have a few pairs of black pj/yoga pants that I can bring and I'll live in those and my nursing bra most likely.

Then I can just bring some socks from home and a zip up hoodie or sweatshirt
and my other little things

I also picked out the outfit that I want Ava's pictures to be in but I'll run it by Mr. B first.
And then I have 2 outfits for her going home. One are actually PJ's but they are cute and the other the in law's got so I feel like I should have her wear it.

The baby book is finally on it's way ugh...the one I had on my registry got taken off and then it was at Kohl's but then before I could order it was discontinued poop.

So I found one on Target's site but it's being sent via usps so who really knows when I'll get it. I'd like to update some things in there before she comes but then need to make sure that goes into my bag so they can do her foot print.

Oh and I started leaking today...but just out of my right boob haha I felt something kind of cool but nothing serious. So when I went to the bathroom and checked it was there...not a lot but I was like dang I wish I would've bought some pads for the maternity bra haha

And then I happened to find a cute polka dot sheet for Ava's mattress because you need extra for sure. Right now we have the one on that came with the set, and I had bought a striped one from Target a while back and then Mr. B's cousin gave us a sheet but it doesn't go at all with the bedding and will only be used as a last resort if others are dirty so I figured one more can't hurt.

And nobody bought the other changing table cover so I wanted to have a spare for when there are accidents.

Then I got her some noonies just to have in her bag ready to go.

And then haha I wanted to get a light for her room and they had a white base lamp on clearance for like 2.50!!! The shade was 8 eh but oh well a lamp for 10.50 can't beat it right?!

Not sure where I'm going to put it but I'm going to put a low lit bulb in there so I can see what I'm doing at night.

Well Mr. B in law got the job in Texas and it looks like he'll be flying tomorrow or Wednesday to go start! Crazy! I don't know when we'll see him though because he said he's going to help with putting Ava's wall letter's up but I doubt that will happen and Mr. B and I will have to do it and then I should just do it on my own haha.

Mr. B is going out of town starting tomorrow but he'll be back Thursday...I told him he better get his traveling in this week, next, and the week after because after that I don't feel comfortable with him traveling. I'll be 35 weeks at that point and that will just be too close unless he's staying somewhere like Lake Charles which is about 2 hours away from the hospital.

I didn't sleep well at all last night! My back was killing me ugh...and of course the Saints game doesn't start until 7:30 tonight so I'll most likely not make it through the whole thing unfortunately. oh well

I'm running to get Hooters for us....I always think it's funny being pregnant beboping into Hooters...hey at least these big bad boys are real...doubt the men would want leaky big boobs but hey you never know haha

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  1. Yeah, I made my list today and realized I need to do a target run as well. Blah! I don't even have a bag for me and Fred can pack his stuff in his bookbag, lol.

    The breastpads are itchy. At least the ones I have, lol