Friday, July 23, 2010

30 Day Challenge- Day 2

A day late meh...

Day 2's challenge is to see what a day in the life of Mrs. B is's boring I'm warning you haha

7:45am- Get up, shower, get ready
8:15am- Leave for work
9:00am- Get to work (45 minutes to go 15 miles folks)
9-4:30pm- Work, go run errands, eat lunch, hang out haha
4:30-5:30- Drive home...yep it takes even longer on the way home and I take the back way which saves me time!
5:30-5:50- I watch my DVR'd Days of Our Lives...don't judge
5:50-Start Dinner
6:30- Eat Dinner
7-11pm- Hang with Mr. B watching shoes (or me in the bedroom watching what he calls my reality junk haha), and surfing the net....sometimes this includes laundry, and cleaning up as well.
11-12:30- sleep
12:30-12:45-Ava has me up to use the bathroom
12:45-4:00- Sleeping
4-4:15-Ava has me up to use the bathroom
4:15-7:45 generally start to toss and turn because of the discomfort haha but it's all worth it

On the weekends I'm lazy honestly...I really am

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