Monday, July 26, 2010

Hospital Tour

So yesterday was our hospital tour. It was supposed to be about 1 hour and 15 minutes and I think it ended right at an hour which was perfect.

There wasn't too much walking about about 30 minutes worth so I'm glad that I did it this month instead of waiting until next because my sciatic was hurting and standing that long was getting to me.

So they just talked about the hospital. Which I'm having Ava at a Woman's Hospital who has a level 3 ranked NICU the highest in the state which makes me feel great. All they do obviously are deliver babies/take care of women.

They deliver 8,000 babies a year so they're very efficient haha

Then the lady from Cord Blood talked to us which I was already thinking of donating anyways. Mr. B started asking me about banking ourselves and yes I think it's a great idea it's pricey and I'd rather Ava give to some other child then us hopefully never using it...and of course if she ever does need Stem Cells she can get them from that bank. Which all of their banks go to Duke University where they all train.

Anywho then we went to check out the Labor and Delivery suites.
The waiting room is very very nice! Nice plush leather/suede seats and a huge area which is nice.

They give 4 passes for folks to come in (which can be switched out) during labor. When it's time for delivery then they ask just 3 people be in the room. But they have beepers too to give to family so it will go off once Ava is born and they can come in.

The birthing room is huuuuuge! I was so excited to see that it won't be cramped in there. And if we do have to have a c-section they allow Mr. B and one other person which is not usually the norm which is cool.

They also have birthing tubs, bouncing balls, and bars but I have decided against doing anything like that. You girls rock who are doing it/or have done it haha

The only bummer is that they don't want you eating. They'll give clear liquids, ice chips, and said sometimes jello or a Popsicle. But she was like "you know if you've been in labor for 12 hours we'll give you a Popsicle"

I started laughing because I can picture it like a movie...12 hours in and this nice nurse hands me a Popsicle and I throw it back in her face and yell "a Popsicle?! a Popsicle?! I haven't eaten in over 12 f'n hours and you f'n think an f'n Popsicle will help me?! Get the f outta here" haha

So I just told Mr. B we'll be making sure I eat beforehand. I understand them not wanting a lot of food in case of c-section but that's too long.

They also want us to shower and change into clean clothes before we get there to cut down on infection.
I'm also not allowed to shave or wax my thighs or hooha a week out boo!

But she did say if we feel more comfortable with our own gowns we can definitely wear that during delivery unless it's a c-section which they make us change for cleanliness issues.

Then we toured the mother/baby room which they really really promote baby with mom the entire time except for hearing test. They will for sure take them if I'm having a break down or need a nap before going home which I'll probably do that honestly but I like that idea.

Of course that room is smaller but the pull out couch again is leather/and suede which I thought was nice.

They have On Demand stuff for breastfeeding, baths, changing diapers, and even info for daddies which is nice.

You order off a nice menu and folks can order and eat with me. They even offer a nice romantic dinner for you and your spouse which I thought was cute and I'm quite sure my MIL will get for us haha

They just made me feel really comfortable down to bring this bag in for this time and park here for this time and then move it this time.

Just really took care of everything.

And they have OBExpress where we pre-register so I won't have to worry about that when I get there and I can call ahead.

So all in all I'm very happy that is my hospital and feel so confident that if something is wrong with Ava or myself we'll be taken care of immediately!

Now these next few months need to just fly by!

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