Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Update: Week 24

How far along? 24 Weeks

How big is baby? About 11.8 inches and my child is 1.5lbs hah

Weight gain/loss? Ok I almost shit myself lie. At my 5 month I was up 7lbs and at 6 month I was up a total of like 19lbs but I went to a different doctor on a different scale. I have a serious hard time believing that I gained 12lbs in a month. Yes my belly is far bigger and the babe did some serious gaining and I'm sure everything else did too but even Mr. B agree's that I haven't really gained weight in my legs or arms so belly and boobs don't make up 12lbs in a month. So I'm going to pay close attention when I go in for my 7 month at my normal doctors scale because I don't think it's that high.

Maternity clothes? some and then just the dresses. I won some khaki capri's and a cute maternity shirt on Ebay and need to find another shirt or two to win

Stretchies? just on the boobs boooooo

Sleep? getting worse. If I'm not up going to the bathroom literally 3 times in the middle of the night I'm constantly flipping from left to right and have 3 pillows trying to help me

Best moment this week? Seeing my baby girl again and knowing her heart is perfect!

Movement? seriously I think my girl may end up being a boxer! She is hitting/kicking/punching all over all the time

Food cravings? nothing out of the ordinary but soda which really sucks

Food aversions/foods that make me sick? nothing really whoot

Gender? GIRL!!!!!

Labor signs? none

Birth Prep? We have our hospital tour this Sunday (hopefully TD Bonnie doesn't cancel that) and I have put my birth plan on paper

An outer-innie? both

What I miss? sleeping, and honestly drinking

What I am looking forward to? Viability Day which is tomorrow and getting Ava's room in order

Milestones? Viability Day whooot

New things this week? Ava really is aware of when Mr. B talks with her and when I tap her she taps cool...oh and it was so cool when she would kick me and I could feel it and see it on the US haha

Weekly Wisdom? Honestly I really haven't gotten any but I'm starting to get tons of folks asking me when I'm due

Emotions? In check again yesssss.....

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