Friday, July 23, 2010

6 Month Check Up

Well yesterday I went in for my 6 month check up...but first I had another Ultrasound since the last time she was moving around so much they couldn't get all the areas of the heart.

This time they did...which was great

I was laying there on my back and she was pushing kind of hard and all of a sudden I started to feel queasy, and light headed, and faint....

She looked at me and was like "are you ok?" and I said honestly no haha

She said turn to your left immediately! She went to get me water, and fanned me, and had a trash can next to took about 5 minutes and I felt better. She said this happens alot on the back especially when someone's pushing on the belly because the Uterus weighs more and it causes that.

So she did the rest of the ultrasound with me on the left side..she was super sweet and I felt like a big ol tool haha

But we got what we needed. She only gave us 4 pictures since this was more about checking vital organs which I was fine with.
She's still a girl haha

I then had to meet with a new doctor on a different floor since mine is out on Maternity Leave. I am soooo happy I don't have to be on that floor to see a doctor. It's like cattle up there. There are like 10 reception booths and then they're like ok go down this hall, then turn this way, and then go this way and they put you in a cramped up small waiting room.

But I did see that doctor super fast which was great.

Oh I forgot the US tech said Ava weighed in at 1lb 8 ounces. Folks that's an 11 ounce gain in a month!!!!! I was shocked. So she's 24 ounces and everything I've read says the range usually stops at about yah she maybe my little butterball. Which I'm fine with. I was 9lbs 2.5 ounces so it won't surprise me if she's big.

Then the doctor measured my belly and said my belly was measuring bigger but that her weight was on point...but now I'm wondering if she is measuring a little big and the doc didn't think about how she is over the max but its only 3 ounces so whatever. She thought maybe Ava was positioned strangely.

Literally 3 minutes with that doc and I was sent on my way! I was shocked it was so quick and that's the only good thing about that doc vs mine. But mines cool and I like her.

So next month I have to do my Gestational Diabetes test. I was glad I didn't have to come back in 2 weeks to do that and then 2 more weeks for my 7 month because I'm trying to save as much sick time as possible.

And I scheduled my doc visit for 8:30am because I plan on getting in t 7:30 to get the juice and the lady comes in about 8:30 for blood work and I'll have her do that and eat a snack and wait to see the Nurse Practitioner. She's the NP for my doc so from now on I'm seeing her. Well actually I think I'll just see her this next go round because I think my doc is back in September which is cool.

But the other doc was like ok next month you'll do your 7 month and then you'll start to come in every two weeks and I was like standing their frozen. I can't believe it's coming so fast!

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