Monday, July 26, 2010

30 Day Challenge- Day 5

My Favorite Holiday/Vacation

Wow I've honestly been on so many cool vacations I don't think I can just pick one.

Our family reunions in Kentucky and I'm talking hillbilly, baptist, dry county Kentucky ok haha but theres this great state park lodge that reminds me a lot of Dirty Dancing and we've been going for years and the different generations wear different colored shirts and it's a great time to bond every year. Unfortunately as an adult I can't go everywhere but it's something I want Ava to experience.

Europe for the 2nd time (I'm very lucky)
NYC for the 2nd time (again very lucky)
Dominican Republic with Mr. B
And even
Nashville with Mr. B

All vacations are great but those stand out the most to me.

Europe I got to go 9 years prior when I was 15 and spent 23 days going all over the place with a group my age and it was amazing but we were very limited on freedom and I got home sick.

But then Mr. B and I went to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins and we went back to my favorite place on earth Rome! And it was so much better experiencing at 24 being able to drink and eat and experience things differently. Coupled with other places and even though there were some bumpy roads in that trip it still was great.

Dominican I mean yes it was our HM haha but it was such a great place to visit and experience just with Mr. B....loved it

NYC- I was lucky enough to go at 14 with my family and it was great but again limited. So at 23 Mr. B and I invited my grandparents (who I went with initially) and we had a blast. It was so great to see things as an adult and we went places we didn't before. I always say if I win the lottery and I mean the big big one I'd buy a place there and in Rome. Two favorite places!

Nashville- For Mr. B's 30th bday I surprised him with a trip to Nashville the next year for Fan Fair where for 4 days all there is, is music by the river for up and coming artists and at night at Titan Stadium you get like 3-4 big big stars. Plus Mr. B used to live there and he loves it and country music. We got to hang with his old friends and just drink and listen to music every day...who wouldn't love that?!

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