Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Check and Check

We installed the Car Seat Sunday and let me tell you that was a surreal moment....now every time I get in and out I see that cute little car seat and just can't wait for Ava to finally get here to be in it! hehe I'm just so excited and ready for her.

I also called to set up a time to get the car seat checked. I'm quite sure that it's installed properly being my car has those latches specifically for car seats and all we had to do was click each one into the bars and pull the strap to tighten and our base has levels on each side so it's level.

But we're not taking any chances. They only do appointments on Wednesdays and she was full this Wednesday and then out for like the next two so I was going to have to find another place but she said she was doing some on Friday and she had a 4 o'clock...I mean couldn't get much better being I won't have to leave work too early.

I also froze my baked potato soup....and I made Gumbo and we ate that Sunday for lunch and dinner. There wasn't enough to eat it for dinner last night and freeze so I just froze the rest. I figure Mr. B can eat that and get 2-3 bowls out of it and that will be good for him if I'm busy with Missy poo.

I'm making Mr. B get his flu shot on Saturday as well while I'm out running Parle to the vet. He was due for his shots (even though the place that boards him already gave them to him mistakenly about 2 months ago) and he needs his annual exam anyways. So I'm getting another bag of dog food and big bag of treats while there because that will last us a couple of months. I should go ahead and try and get some things for his stocking since I won't want to be out too much.

My boss is out this week but on Monday I plan on talking with her about my replacement because by that time I'll only for sure (hopefully) have 2 weeks to work with someone and even though it doesn't take that long we'll still have to plan around each other's schedules and I want to go over my folks and the way I do things before it's too late. I think she isn't thinking like that and I understand she's never had a child before but with my extra fluid I just don't think I'll make it to my due date. Even when things aren't bad from extra fluid it seems like most women tend to go early. We'll see though. Either way I want work to be squared away.

A lady from work bought our mobile and the cute Lady Bug nightlight/song machine....aww so nice. She already told me that work was probably going to do a surprise baby shower but umm they better get cracking haha I mean I don't need anything else really except a few things that we are more then willing to get on our own but if they want to throw me something they are sure waiting until the end.

I could just be paranoid about this extra fluid thing. I'm not worrying because she is hiccuping like crazy so I know she's swallowing and stuff but in general even with babies that were perfectly fine it seemed like they women all were early either by induction or c-section. So I guess I'm just like holy crap in 2 weeks I could be a mommy....that is nuts everyone nuts! I tell you who would be really excited.....my freaking bladder! It is manageable until bed and I like to watch tv in bed for about 2-3 hours a night before going to sleep and our bed is so high up that I have to strain to get out and that hurts my bladder soooo bad. It's amazing how full it always is haha.

Well that's about it. I felt like I need to post something but honestly it seems pretty boring. Maybe something excited will happen later this week...at least I'll be able to blog about my U/S on Thursday morning.

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