Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Update: 37 Weeks

Countdown: 93% through pregnancy, 77% through 3rd tri. 22 days until due date, 1 days until full term. 3 weeks of work left (If I go to the end)

How big is baby? As of 34 Weeks and 5 Days she's 6lbs 7oz (so basically right at 6.5lbs) She gained a pound in a week folks. We didn't get weight at the one this I'm just saying about 7-7.5ish

Weight gain/loss? Up 37lbs I lost a pound from week 36 to week 37 which seems pretty common from what I've read. Hey I have to admit I'm happy since I know that Ava is still getting nutrients...I really don't want to go over 40lbs

Stretchies? I saw two tiny ones where my belly piercing was. I noticed one on my lower belly and have been applying like mad and it seems to come and go ugh

Sleep? Pee breaks are so much anymore and sleep is getting restless. I'm going with carpel tunnel as to why I wake up with my hands and wrists asleep. My right hand has been swelling...just right though. I'm really looking forward to getting up because of Ava rather then the serious pain of a full bladder.

Best Moment? Seeing my butterball again and being dilated.

Movement? Serious at night/early morning of course. The tech said that I have so much fluid that even though I'm feeling a lot I probably don't feel half of the stuff she does in there!

Food Cravings? Nothing out of the ordinary just fountain drinks egh

Labor Signs? Having Braxton Hicks and cramping has ramped up the past few days. I've gotten what seem like real contractions too. I am 1cm dilated and thinned some weeee

What I’m looking forward to next week? Seeing Ava again :) and hopefully progressed at least another centimeter if not more.

Weekly Wisdom? Your water will not trickle and you will not have to think "Is my water breaking"? Yours will gush...haha

Emotions? Pretty good except for my patience with people lately has been wearing thin. I have been able to take a deep breath especially with Mr. B.

This Week: Painting the belly cast. Finishing up Ava's room. Getting guest room ready for Mrs. B in law. Washing a few little things Ava got again haha

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