Monday, October 25, 2010


to get this show on the road folks...
I can handle getting up to pee every 1/2hr-hour and no I'm not exaggerating when I say that, but what I can't handle is the physical pain Ava causes me at night with her lodging what I think is her butt in my left rib cage...she has always preferred the left side and I do try and sleep on my left as much as possible for blood flow but it hurts like to the point of tears these past few days and then I try and turn over to my right to get some relief and you can't imagine how painful it is shifting her body/weight over.

I don't get any sleep anymore because of it...granted she can stay in there as long as she'd like and I love her oh so much already and don't want to sound like a crab puss but hey we've reached our huge milestone of being "full term" so really she can come out at any point now and momma won't be hear that Ava?! :)

My hips and back are really hurting these days and I'm constantly thinking is my water going to break. I mean it's sick that I have dreams left and right about water breaking, epidurals, and contractions haha I guess I just really want it to happen now. Even though technically I want to get through the 29th here.

So Mr. B informs me that his work wants him to be in Birmingham on Thursday...yes folks that's just a mere 16 days from my due date...37 weeks 5 days and that's a 6 hour car ride. Thankfully my appointment is tomorrow morningish since that's all they had and I'll be able to see if I've progressed but even if I haven't and he goes and gets there and my water breaks or my contractions become frequent and in the time frame they should be he'll have a 6 hour car ride and that scares the shit out of me.

He said maybe they'd have to fly him but Birm to Baton Rouge there isn't a direct flight that I know of so he'd have to fly to New Orleans and drive the 1.5 hours or still take the connecting.

Mrs. B in law is planning on getting here I think Fridayish but depending on what the doc says tomorrow I may have to spring the news to her to hustle her butt and pack and get here for Thursday just in case.

We'll see.

What's with all the drama and anxiety this past week really??? I haven't even gotten to the family drama that didn't need to involve me but everyone needs a scapegoat right?! And everyone likes to make a woman at 36 weeks (then) cry uncontrollably because you're so selfish and say mean things when you're the one feeling guilt...right?! Oh no just me and my twisted family...oh it's ok because those folks are out of my life for good now and I feel much better being it's been a week.

I'm just counting down the time until I can hit up Jimmy John's for lunch haha


  1. Almost there girl! Hope Ava doesn't make you wait until the end! Any chance of you getting a massage or something to help you relax this week? Sounds like you're more than due for one!

  2. I got a pedicure two weeks ago but if I haven't had her by Saturday I think I'm going to talk Mr. B and Mrs. B in law going to get one with me and telling the girl to massage the are that is supposed to get contractions going but at least it will be nice and relaxing haha

  3. I understand what you mean about the pain when trying to sleep. As much as I love sleep I dreaded that part of the day when I was pg. Like you just changing position from one side to the other was a process and a painful one at that!

    I may not be sleeping through the night these days, but at least I'm pain free. Hang in there, your days are numbered!! GL!