Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nothing more...

Yah there hasn't been any reminisce of the MP after the other day so whatevs....everyone is guessing this Saturday or Sunday bwahaha

Mrs. B in law couldn't make it yesterday because of the bad storms so I didn't sleep well knowing that Mr. B and her were both not in a quick hop on the interstate to me.

But she'll be there when I get home today which is awesome. Then Ava just needs to hold out until tomorrow when Mr. B gets back in town and we're set.

Then she can come. And since it looks like I'll at least make it through work tomorrow that means I officially won't have to come back until after the new year even with a vaginal birth whoot!

I guess trick or treating in my division is Saturday so I found the cute ribs with heart and then baby skeleton with a bow haha....I saved it and printed it and have it as a stencil now.
I'm going to run to Target and get a cheap black shirt and get some white and pink paint and do that this afternoon since I'm super bored.

I also need to head to the bank and mail off my final payment to the jerks so I can be done with them for good in my life.

Only a week away from my next doctors appointment aghhh hopefully I don't even have to wait that long.


  1. Hi there! I'm just replying back to your comment on my blog about the fleur de lis onesies. I've been busy getting ready for a craft show so I haven't listed them in my Etsy shop yet, but I'd be happy to do a special order for you! Just email me ( the design & size you would like along with your Paypal email and I can send you an invoice. The LSU fleur de lis onesies are $15 plus shipping (about $2) and the Saints fleur de lis are $16 plus shipping. Both are longsleeve. I'd be happy to personalize it for you as well. You can see all the fonts I have available on my Facebook page:

    Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of you little one!