Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Day Challenge- Day 24

My To-Do List for the next 7 days

Get this freaking back situation under freaking control...seriously y'all

Ok but it's funny because even though this was meant for Saturday I didn't look until just now but had already wrote out my list for the week.

De-Wrinkle some previous washed sheets and a blanket haha (hey clothes had precedence over the sheets and blanket for getting wrinkles out)

Wash sheets and blankets in guest room

Make said guest bed

Clean hallway baseboards

spray for spiders

put up Ava's Decal

Wash rest of her clothes (that I may or may not have bought haha)

Put away said clothes

Make pinwheels for company picnic

Put away all clean dishes

Run the Roomba

Let's go with that for now haha

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