Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wall Decal

Well of course we decided on the Bananfish LoveBird bedding set and I was strolling around on Etsy and found a girl who actually does a scene to match it!!!

I had it saved on my computer because it was like 80 bucks and just happened to randomly show Mr. B and he LOVED it and wanted I ordered it yesterday!

Our walls are actually a darker khaki but it will be good I think. I was able to pick two leaf colors so I went with that green and a little darker green as well. I did ask if i could get the fawn (which not sure I'll actually use) in another color but how the seller has it set up is you choose one color for the birds, fawn, and flowers. So if I can't then oh well.

So excited!


  1. I love it! Is that the same bedset that you chose?

  2. It's pretty similar actually to our crib and then that is the bedding we chose.