Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Update: Week 29

WAs going to take a picture at work but then I forgot so here it is haha

How far along? 29 weeks

How big is baby? 16 inches (head to feet) and close to 3 pounds

Weight gain/loss? Sticking with 30ish boooo

Maternity clothes? exclusively and I need to buy a swellybelly stat

Stretchies? just on boobs thank goodness

Sleep? Good honestly. I'm used to waking up every few hours for the bathroom but I can fall right back asleep

Best moment this week? I guess just making it to another week

Movement? Her movement has slowed actually...I'm guessing because it's getting tighter in there...but at night she moves to the front instead of hiding out and it gets really hard and funny shapes haha

Food cravings? coke but I've been thinking I really like ketchup...but only with fries, tots, and eggs but I eat it a lot

Food aversions/foods that make me sick? none whoot

Gender? Girly Poo

Labor signs? just some braxton hicks

Birth Prep? none really right now

Belly button in or out? It’s out generally and when she's under it, it pokes out.

What I miss? walking normal...and back pain free

What I am looking forward to next week? 10 weeks down, 7 until full term

Milestones? 85-90% viability!!

New things this week? Quite a few confirmations on our baby shower. So far 15 are a go and I have about 15-20ish more to see if they are or not.

Weekly Wisdom? I haven't gotten any really

Emotions? Pretty good...I mean I do cry easier but I'm not a spazoid like I had been

Belly/Body Changes? I am noticing more weight in my thighs now...and my back really seems to be the carrier of it all. I would say I don't notice a belly change from last week but it could be because I see myself everyday.

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